Should salaries of IAs be more highly prioritized in the school operating budget?

The School Committee understands that every individual constituent group will advocate for budget spending that aligns with their highest priorities, including the focused support IAs are putting toward higher pay for their important roles.

There are numerous funding requests for School Committee consideration as they weigh which areas of investment which will provide the best possible educational opportunities for 5,600 Andover Public School students.  Significant community input from a wide range of stakeholders informs the school budget, and the School Committee and superintendent develop a package of spending that is ultimately recommended to Andover voters for their consideration at Annual Town Meeting.

As of early February 2022, operating budget has been discussed at more than a half-dozen public meetings, and the School Committee voted to recommend a FY2023 operating budget increase of 3.68% higher than FY2022. The proposed budget allows for the fair and competitive IA pay increases proposed by the School Committee, and also provides investment in other critical areas including social-emotional learning, core math curriculum, instructional technology, staff professional development, and reduction of student fees. It also supports a plan to address long-standing facility needs at Doherty Middle School and Andover High School.  More detail on the FY2023 school operating budget is on the APS website.

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17. Should salaries of IAs be more highly prioritized in the school operating budget?
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