What are the factors to consider in the decision between an addition plus renovation versus new construction?

If Andover partners with the MSBA, a decision to build new or renovate existing will be made after an extensive feasibility study is conducted in conjunction with the MSBA. However, it is worth thinking about the pros and cons of each approach, particularly if Andover decides to undertake a high school project without MSBA assistance.

Some factors to consider in making a decision between new construction and an

addition/renovation include:

•    New construction is more costly than an addition/renovation.

•    An addition plus renovation may be more environmentally friendly if it creates less demolition waste by reusing large parts of a building we already have.

•    An addition plus renovation would have less impact on athletics because playing fields would largely be maintained, whereas new construction would likely take the space of existing playing fields.

•    A newly constructed building would have a shorter construction timeline than a comprehensive addition plus renovation project.

•    New construction would have a limited impact on academics during construction. While any renovation would be phased to minimize disruption, renovations are inherently complicated and disruptive. The phased approach of an addition/renovation project would also drive a longer construction timeline than would a new building.

•    Once open, a newly constructed building would be more efficient to operate than an addition/renovation, with fewer break/fix activities and more routine maintenance.

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1. What has the Andover High School Facility Study Committee been doing? Are there any significant findings from the Andover High School feasibility study?
2. What are the major deficiencies of the Andover High School facility? What current educational standards are not being met?
3. Why is the temperature within Andover High often uncomfortable in winter and summer? What are the major contributing factors?
4. What future enrollment projections is the School Committee using or planning to use to ensure the High School project meets projected future needs?
5. Didn’t Andover recently renovate the high school?
6. Can the state help with Andover’s school facility needs? Has Andover sought this assistance?
7. Why did the district decide to ask for MSBA help for Andover High in April 2018?
8. What are the primary options being considered for Andover High construction?
9. What are the factors to consider in the decision between an addition plus renovation versus new construction?
10. Is “do nothing” an option being considered for Andover High?
11. How can a renovated or new facility provide a better and more current instructional program for students?
12. Why will the MSBA decision in December be a critical milestone for the Andover High project?
13. When will improvements to Andover High begin? When will improvements be complete?
14. Which other Massachusetts communities have undertaken major projects to improve their high schools?
15. Why are multiple schools being considered for renovation or reconstruction at the same time?
16. Why did the district ask the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for help with West Elementary, rather than Andover High, in April 2017?
17. What are the pros and cons of participating in the MSBA program and of building without MSBA partnership?
18. What paths are being taken to address both AHS and West Elementary?
19. When will improvements to West Elementary begin? When will improvements be complete?
20. How are Andover buildings being maintained?
21. Will Andover High continue to be maintained while we are going through this process?
22. How does the town pay for facility construction projects?
23. What is Andover’s track record for past school construction being on or under budget?
24. What is the potential impact of school construction projects on my taxes?
25. I have no children who attend Andover Public Schools. How will this project benefit me and the community?
26. Are any other high-priority school facilities being considered for improvement?
27. What public input has occurred to date? How can the public be engaged in this process?
28. Who will make the decision about which building project(s) to pursue?
29. How accurate are the cost estimates?