Shawsheen Preschool Program


Community Screenings take place every month.  The screening is available to parents who have a concern about their child’s development.  Please call the school office at 978-247-8200 for an appointment.

Goals and Objectives

Preschool curriculum is aligned with the Mass. Department of Education Preschool Learning Experiences and Early Childhood Program Standards.


The final tuition payment for current peer students is due on January 17, 2022.  If you have any questions regarding your balance, please contact Carol MacMillan in the business office ( or

If you are interested in attending the Preschool program in September 2022, please email
Mary Kay Poe (  Your name will be added to the prospective parent list and you will receive information directly about our Spring Open House
(March 2022) and Peer Screening appointments for Fall enrollment.

At this time, the only availability we have is half day, afternoon placements.  If you are interested in making a peer screening appointment, please contact to arrange a date and time.

Please DO NOT fill out the on-line registration until you have completed a screening and have received placement confirmation from the school office.

As always, children must be at least 2.9 years old to be screened, and you must be currently residing in Andover.