Grade Two Literacy Instruction

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Literacy Component

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What It Looks Like In Our Classrooms

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phonemic awareness

Phonemic Awareness instruction occurs in small group lessons. Lessons include rhyming as well as isolating, segmenting, adding, deleting, substituting and blending sounds.

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness: Activities for Your Second Grader | Reading Rockets


Phonics Instruction occurs in both whole group and small group lessons. Multisensory instruction incorporates letter tiles, cubes, decodable text, white boards, and visuals which help students construct and deconstruct text with increasing complexity.

Phonics Activities for 2nd Graders


Fluency instruction occurs in a variety of settings throughout the school day, including whole group and small group lessons.  Instruction involves read alouds, music, poetry, decodable text, repeated readings, partner reading, and independent reading.

Reading Fluency Activities

Read Brightly

6 ways to help your child read fluently, cover to cover - Teach. Learn. Grow.


Vocabulary instruction is embedded throughout the school day, focusing on both oral and written language. Instruction involves the intentional use and teaching of increasingly complex language and content specific vocabulary.  

Tips for Building Vocabulary 

Vocabulary: Activities for Your Second Grader | Reading Rockets


Comprehension instruction occurs whenever students interact with text. Instruction involves repeated readings of high interest text grounded in a variety of genres, cultures and perspectives.  In addition, instruction involves continuous teacher modeling, opportunities to partner read, participation in book clubs and independent reading.  Teachers work with students to build background knowledge, predict, infer and begin to analyze literal and figurative language.

Comprehension: Activities for Your Second Grader | Reading Rockets

written expression

Writing instruction across all grade levels involves direct, systematic instruction in responding to text and writing across genres.  In addition to continuously responding to text, second grade writers author a variety of products throughout the school year, including personal narratives, informational and persuasive pieces. 

2nd grade Writing

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