Digital Learning Innovations Team

Digital Learning Coaches | Our Team of DLCs support and collaborate with faculty to create meaningful learning experiences for students that utilize the district's many digital learning tools.

  1. Annie Bodian

  1. Katherine Fowler

  1. Tim Harkins

  1. Beth Kennedy

  1. Christopher Krueger

  1. Jennifer Sands

Librarians | Andover librarians curate resources, collaborate with faculty and provide unique learning opportunities for our students.

  1. John Berube

  1. Elyse Caruso

  1. Mary Coombs

  1. Lisa Cremin

  1. Sarah Downs

  1. Jamie Kaplan

  1. Shelley Porter

  1. Jodi Slomsky

  1. Nancy Snow

  1. Julianne Toomey-Kautz