Technology and Digital Literacy

APS Blended Learning

The Technology Integration and Digital Literacy Department is your resource for Blended Learning! Our Team specializes in how to leverage technology as a tool for scaling and supporting blended and personalized learning.

What we do:

Co-Plan and co-teach with Teachers, Program Coordinators, and Coaches
Consult and collaborate on projects
Build capacity for using digital tools for teaching and learning
Develop digital literacy curriculum PK-12
Support app integrations with Schoology
Coordinate with Library-Media Centers at each school
Provide professional learning experiences, including job-embedded PD
Facilitate the Blended Learning PLG (starting March of 2023)
Coordinate with the EdTech Team around all school technology and applications
Provide family learning resources

Our Department goals this year focus on Blended Learning and Digital Literacy. Throughout the school year we have been laying the groundwork for several goals:

● Working closely with the middle schools and the high school to further our implementation of Schoology, and exploring the “Elementary Student View” in Schoology with our elementary schools.

● Developing a classroom technology support process that provides just-in-time help.

● Building capacity for technology integration within subject matter instruction and focused instructional practices.

● Developing a blended learning leadership team focused on articulating and communicating

● a common vision and mission for using technology to support and scale blended and personalized learning across our schools.

● Working with staff to articulate current and future classroom technology and infrastructure needs.

  1. Sarah Campbell

    Instructional Technology Facilitator

  2. Sarah Perkins

    Instructional Technology Facilitator