Digital Learning Innovations

iAndover Device Information 21-22

Welcome to Digital Learning Innovations. We offer faculty, staff, students, and families a wide range of resources, classes, and shared spaces to explore, collaborate, and create. This team supports district-wide efforts in digital learning, libraries, professional development, and community resources.

We also offer classes in Global Business, Video Communications, Research, and Design/Engineering, and Digital Information Systems/Computer Science at AHS. Our digital learning coaches, librarians, and faculty teams lead the work through our IDEAStudio, the Robotics clubs, the k-12 CAPStone projects, k-5 maker-studios, the Global Pathways Scholars program.

Our PK-12 Library program expands and enriches students' lives through literature and art from diverse cultures and times. Balanced information, excellent writing, multicultural perspectives, and different genres help shape our resource selection and library instruction.

The Digital Learning Innovation programs offer learning experiences and resources to help develop independent, self-motivated, disciplined learners and agile thinkers who use critical and creative design thinking skills to find, analyze and evaluate information, recognize problems, ask important questions, and reach creative solutions.

  1. Stephen Chinosi

    Director, Strategic Innovation

  2. Shelagh St. Laurent

    PK-12, Director of Learning Innovations

  3. Jamie Kaplan

    Media Specialist

  4. Rebecca D'Alise

    APS Capstone Instructional Leader