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The iAndover 1:1 initiative ensures that every Andover student from kindergarten through high school has a personal computing device to provide access to technology resources including digital curriculum, our learning management platforms, collaboration platforms, productivity suites, learning centered applications and much more.   Students at each level have age appropriate technology access aligned with their educational needs:

  • Students in grades PreK, K and 1 will receive a town supplied iPad.  These devices are intended for use inside the classroom during normal school hours.
  • Students in grades 2 and 3 will be provided a Chromebook for use in the classroom during the school day.
  • Students in grades 4 and 5 will be issued a Chromebook.  Individual classroom teachers will determine when and if students should utilize the device in their home environment.
  • Students in grades 6-8 will utilize a Chromebook type device that they provide.  Families are encouraged to purchase a Chromebook directly (so-called BYOD or Bring Your Own Device) or they may rent a Chromebook from the town for an annual fee.   See the FAQ section for more details.
  • Students in Grades 9-12 will utilize a Windows, MacOS or ChromeOS device.  Families are encouraged to purchase a device themselves (BYOD) or they may rent a device from the town for an annual fee.


  • All BYOD Chromebook devices must be enrolled in the Google management console.  This limits the use of Chromebooks to school approved accounts during the regular school day.  Students may access personal accounts during non-school hours.   Devices not enrolled in the management console will be unable to connect to the school’s wireless network.  See the FAQ section below for more details.
  • All students who are eligible for “free or reduced” lunch may request a waiver of the rental fee to obtain a device.  Under specific circumstances, principals may request a fee waiver for selected students as well.
  • Students will use BYOD or rental devices to take MCAS and all other required on-line testing.
  • IT will continue to provide specialized equipment for graphic, engineering, music, foreign language, PE and similar specialized curriculums as funds permit.   




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Below are some of the most common questions we have received about our 1:1 technology program.  If you have further questions email us at

 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

 How does BYOD work?

  • Families purchase a device of their choosing.  Students may use it both at school or at home for personal use.

Who can participate in the BYOD program?

  • All middle and high school students (rising 6th graders to 12th)

What type of device can I bring?

  • Students 6 – 8: You must bring a Chromebook device.   The device can be any manufacturer or any model.  It must have sufficient battery power to last a full school day and it must have a camera, microphone and speakers for video conferencing.  Devices with 8GB of memory tend to perform better for video conferencing.   We encourage parents to select ruggedized devices as well as cases and appropriate laptop capable backpacks or bags.   Many students find touch screens and or Chromebooks that can be converted into tablets to be helpful. Also, please note, personal Chromebooks must be “managed” by IT in order to access the Andover wireless network.  See below.
  • Students 9 – 12: You must bring a Windows, MacOS or ChromeOS capable device of your choosing. It must have sufficient battery power to last a full school day, have a camera/speaker/microphone for video conferencing and be running a version of the operating system that is no more than one year old. We do not encourage lower powered devices such as those powered by Celeron or Atom processors and we do not recommend devices that are more than 4-5 years old. If possible focus on light weight devices (typically 13-14”) rather large, powerful devices. Memory is the most important component of performance. 8-16GB is the current “sweet spot”.
     For many students who have technology interests outside of school (video editing, music composition, gaming, etc.), you will need more powerful processors, faster graphics cards, larger screens or large storage capacity.  However, these more powerful machines are not required to access any school mandated applications or content.

Who will fix it if it breaks?

  • BYOD devices are the family responsibility.

Can I leave my device at school?

  • No, all student devices must return home each evening.

What if I leave my device at home or forget to charge it?

  • A very limited number of spare devices are available for check out from the school media center

Rental Program

Who can participate in the rental program?

  • All rising 6th to 8th graders

Is this mandatory? Can I bring my own device?

  • It is not mandatory.  In general, we encourage families that are able to participate in the BYOD program and acquire your own personal device.

What type of device will I get?  Can I choose?

  • For middle and high school students, the current Andover standard Chromebook is the HP Chromebook x360 11 G4   It is a hybrid laptop/clamshell device with touchscreen and video conferencing capabilities.  This is subject to change.

Why Chromebooks?

  • Chromebooks are a low-cost tool to deliver web-based content and applications.  They are also very compatible with the Google Workspace for Education tools suite that students use.  They require little management by staff and provide sufficient capability for all learning programs through 8th grade.  High school students, however, often require more robust devices to support emerging interests in art, engineering or music.

Do I own the device?   Do I get to keep the device when my child graduates from middle school?

  • These devices are the property of the Town.  These devices are “rented” to you on an annual basis.  Families do not “own” it at the end

Who will fix it if it breaks?

  • Rental devices will be repaired by AndoverIT.  Loaners are provided as needed.  BYOD devices are the family responsibility.

What happens if I drop it or lose it?

  • Accidental damage resulting from a drop, liquid spill, school accident or other unintended event will be covered.  You are covered for damage up to the price of the device (roughly $350).  This will cover a full loss or two damaged screens.   Subsequent events will result in a family surcharge. 

Do I get to use it at home?  Can I keep it during the summer?

  • Yes.   Devices go home on weekends and during vacation.  New devices are distributed at the start of school.  Most students may keep them over the summer, however, 8th grade students must return their devices at the end of the school year.

Can I use my device for anything other than school approved apps?

  • From roughly 7:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon your device is in “managed mode”.   All other hours it is unmanaged.  Students may create personal accounts that are available during unmanaged hours that can access non-school related applications.

What happens during MCAS and similar standardized test?

  • “Rental” and BYOD users will use a familiar device for testing.

What will it cost?

  • For Chromebooks: $130 per student.

Where will my student charge their device?

  • All students (Rental or BYOD) are required to charge their device at home and bring a fully charged device to school each day.

What if I can’t afford a device?

  • See Waiving Rental Fees FAQ below

How do I order?

  • We will accept orders and requests for scholarships from May 1st to June 30th.  Your payment will be processed through the same “E-Funds for Schools” portal that you use to pay sports, music and similar fees. Visit
  • Ordering is done through the school EFundsForSchool portal which is used for busing fees, athletic fees and so forth.  If you already have an account then you can simply login.  If you have never used this system you will need to create a new account.  To do so you will need to have the student id (also called LASID numbers) of each of your students.  Your Student’s Local ID# can be found at the top of their Report Card, Schedule, and also by going to the ’My Info’ tab, then ’My Details’ in Aspen. Once you have logged in you should select "Pay for Optional Fees".  If you follow the prompts you will see an option for "Chromebook Rental Option".  Put that in your cart and follow payment instructions.

When will I receive my device?

  • Depending on supply chain availability we are planning to have all devices ready by the start of school.

How often do I get a new device?

  • In general, new devices are provided at the start of 6th grade.  Once assigned you will keep the same device for 3 years of middle school.
  • If you lose or permanently damage device you will receive a replacement device up to the limits of our damage warranty program.


What does “management” mean?

  • When managed the device can only be used with your student’s school account.  Schools control all device settings and restrict applications.  While in school, all content is controlled. This is following Andover School Committee policy.
  • While managed we can “see” your student’s screen but we can never access the camera.   Neither IT nor teaching staff will routinely view your students screen

How does this protect my student?

  • During school hours your child is restricted to using school approved applications.   While on the school network you are not permitted to visit inappropriate sites or download inappropriate content.   Visits to all sites are logged and all emails sent and received via your school account are archived.  We comply with all state and federal regulations including CIPA, COPPA and FERPA.  We may also be able to view your student’s screen during class and we can redirect your student to a particular website to facilitate class participation.  The use of a school supplied device greatly enhances our ability to ensure a safe and productive school day experience.

Will this protect my student at home?

  • Filtering of content only happens while students are on school premises.  While at home it is up to each family to set boundaries on appropriate content.

Is the device managed all the time?

  • The device is managed only during school hours.  It is unmanaged after 3:30 pm, weekends, vacations and during the summer
  • In unmanaged mode, families may choose to add secondary accounts.  Students may change the configurations and download extensions while using those secondary accounts.  When at home families are responsible for monitoring internet content

What information does Google know?

  • As part of enrolling your students in Google Workspace for Education Google knows the name of each student with an active account
  • Google is also aware of what web sites are visited while a student uses their school account
  • However, placing the device under management does not provide Google with any additional information or access to your student’s device

How do I place a BYOD device under management?

  • Rental devices are automatically enrolled in the management program.
  • BYOD families can place the device under management before the start of school.  Families can place their student devices under management themselves by following these instructions.  If you are uncomfortable with these sorts of things, IT will provide assistance during the first few weeks of school.  

What happens if I don’t enroll a BYOD device? 

  • If you are uncomfortable with having a personally owned device managed by a third party we strongly encourage you to consider the device rental program.
  • If a device is not managed, it will not be able to access the school WiFi network and will be unable to participate in normal learning activities.  
  • If you have any questions about your student’s technology please contact us at:   

Waiving Rental Fees

 What happens if I can’t afford to rent a device?

  • Andover provides scholarship devices for families with limited economic needs.  Please contact your student's principal for additional information.