Schoology - Learning Management System

Schoology's easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education. Millions of students, faculty, and administrators from over 60,000 K-12 schools and universities worldwide use Schoology to shape learning experiences and improve student outcomes.

Schoology for APS Parents & Guardians

Logging Into Schoology for Parents & Guardians

Schoology for APS Students

Logging into Schoology for Students

  • Students should log into Schoology via Classlink at 
  • They should use the same login credentials that they use to log into their Aspen accounts.
  • Please note:  student usernames and passwords will be published in the Aspen Family Portal, just in case you need them!

Schoology Walk Through for APS Families (video tutorial)

Why Did APS Choose Schoology?

For the District: Transform Education Past Its Brick-and-Mortar Roots

  • Creating a hub for learning that allows for high student engagement, standards-based instruction, and the acceleration of student learning
  • Securing all district curriculum materials in a space that requires authentication
  • Centralizing all materials for more efficient leadership meetings
  • Allowing for real-time collaboration between leadership and support staff via discussions, videos, book studies, and more inside the platform

For APS Teachers: Enhancing  APS  Instructional Delivery Practices

  • Centralizing the curriculum and instructional materials
  • Simplifying collaboration among teachers and instructional staff
  • Providing tools that increase student engagement and acceleration
  • Real-time communication between teachers and students

For APS Students: Prepare Students to Succeed in the 21st century

  • Preparing students for the world of work and/or college once they leave the district
  • Allowing students to access classroom materials 24/7 so learning can take place anywhere, anytime
  • Allowing students who are in extracurricular activities and absent access to their coursework so they don’t fall behind

For APS Families: Know What Students Are Learning

  • Providing parents a more in-depth experience about what students are learning in classrooms
  • Talking to teachers whenever they have a question rather than having to stop by the school
  • Streamlining communication and resources in one place