APS Food Services

Information updated on October 13, 2020

  • The U.S.D.A. has extended its program to provide all children (ages 0-21) with free breakfast and lunches through June 30, 2021. APS Food Services will be sending further information on how the extended program will be implemented at APS in the coming weeks.

A grab and go style breakfast in a bag will be available for all eligible students at the entry of the building. Lunch will be available to all students in the elementary classroom. School Nutrition staff will bring the lunches to all elementary classrooms in a container choice of options: sandwich, salad, or hot meal. Andover has a new cloud-based touchless POS system for safe pre-ordering.  Some assistance from teachers or instructional assistants may be necessary.  Teachers or instructional assistants will have access to the cloud-based system as well as parents and students. The containers will be left outside the room with a roster containing the list of students and their respective orders for teachers to bring into the classroom. This model will allow us the 6 feet of distancing necessary with the least amount of disruption to the students and staff. These procedures may also be utilized in middle schools as well, based on availability of spaces for physical distancing. Andover High School will have two areas available for meals at the 6 foot distance required by DESE in the cafeteria and the Dunn Gym. The courtyard can be used, weather permitting.

On at-home learning days, breakfast and lunches will be made available at exits for students to take home.  More information can be found on APS Food Services website. 

Lunch In The Classroom

    • Lunch in the classroom will require students and staff to wipe down desks with disinfectant wipes after eating.  Cleaning supplies and gloves will be provided.  Custodial and Food Service staff do not have the capacity to clean every classroom and desk after lunch. Lunch in the classroom will be the case for grades K-5, grades 6-8 locations are still being determined based on 6 ft. physical distance requirements. 

Lunch In Other Areas

    • When lunch is held in large spaces like the cafeteria and gym, the custodial and cafeteria staff will be on hand to disinfect and clean. This will be the case for Andover High School.