APS Foundational Apps

Application Approval Procedure

If you are interested in using an online application that requires students to login to either access or produce content on the Internet, you are required, as per the APS  Empowered Digital Use Policy and to follow this approved procedure. This applies to applications such as blogs, online forums, or any other online application in which students are logging in with accounts or posting content (text, images, media) on the Internet. Google Add-Ons and Extensions are also included on this list. 

If your desired application is not listed, you can request the app directly through APS LearnPlatform or put in the appropriate work order. Please be specific as to the content area, purpose of application, skills, and envisioned use. The submitted information will be reviewed by The Office of Digital Learning and shared with content program coordinators and your building administrator.

If the request is approved, The Office of Digital Learning will add the application to our APS App Library and will you inform the requester. 

Please contact your building Digital Learning Coach if you have any questions or need assistance determining if an application is approved for district use. 

APS Foundation Apps are the key apps used across curriculum areas and grades at each school