Learning Innovations Team

The APS Office of Ingenuity hosts the Learning Innovations team and comprises the school library media teachers, the Digital Learning Coaches and the AHS digital Learning Innovations Department.  The focus of Learning Innovation is teaching and learning. 

Digital Learning Coaches

Digital Learning Coaches, (DLCs), focus on improving student learning through instructional models which intentionally and innovatively use technology. DLCs work with APS teachers around this powerful approach which help increase a teacher’s ability to differentiate, better address student learning needs, increase student engagement, and allow students to drive their own learning. The support provided by the Digital Learning Coaches will increase collaboration, creativity, and productivity of students and teachers and help to develop agency and independence in order to support lifelong learners.

School Library Teachers, Future Ready Libraries = Future Ready Schools

The School Library Program is staffed by professional certified Library Teachers at each school. They support all learners to develop literacy, literature, research, information, and technology skills. They promote and advance the use of print and digital resources to support, enhance, and extend classroom curriculum. In addition to teaching, Library Teachers manage the school libraries, including such tasks as scheduling space, maintaining the collection, selecting and purchasing materials, and managing volunteers. This results in school libraries that are hubs of activity and teaching and learning within each of our schools.

AHS digital Learning Innovation Department

The digital Learning Innovations at AHS offers students (and faculty) a wide range of resources, classes, and shared spaces to explore, collaborate, and create. The Learning Innovations faculty offer classes in Global Business, and Video-Media Communications, Research and Design/Engineering, and Digital Information Systems/Computer Science. Our work is housed in the AHS library which includes thousands of print and digital texts, along with our IDEAStudio (fabrication space), the Robotics club, the advanced research CAPStone projects, The Portal Project, and the Global Pathways Scholars program.   

Our Library program expands and enriches students' lives through literature and art from diverse cultures and times. Balanced information, excellent writing, multicultural perspectives, and different genres help shape our library resource selection.

The digital Learning Innovation programs offer a wealth of learning experiences and resources to help develop independent, self-motivated, disciplined learners and agile thinkers who use critical and creative design thinking skills to find, analyze, and evaluate information, recognize problems, ask important questions, and reach creative solutions.

Our Team

Stephen Chinosi
Director of Strategic Innovation

Shelagh St. Laurent, Program Coordinator, Learning Innovations, PK-12

Matt Hall, Instructional Applications Specialist, PK-12

Rebecca D'alise, Capstone Program Coordinator, PK-12, AHS Faculty

Jamie Kaplan, Library Team Leader, PK-12, Librarian, West Elementary Library

Andover High School

  • John Berube, Library Teacher,  Andover High School Library / Digital Learning Commons
  • Daniel Brennan, Video/Media Production Teacher
  • Mary Coombs, Library Teacher
  • Ashley Kinsman, Global Business Solutions, Faculty
  • Michael Messina, Global Business Solutions, 
  • Karen Stevens, Global Business Solutions, Faculty Teacher

Doherty Middle School

West Middle School

Wood Hill Middle School

  • Sarah Downs, Library Teacher, The Hub

Bancroft Elementary Schools

High Plain Elementary School

Sanborn Elementary School

South Elementary School

  • Julianne Toomey-Kautz, Library Teacher, South Library
  • Lisa Cremin, Library Teacher (PT)
  • Beth Kennedy, Digital Learning Coach

West Elementary School

  • Jamie Kaplan, Library Team Leader, PK-12, Librarian West Elementary Library
  • Jodi Slomsky, Library Teacher (PT)
  • Kathy Fowler, Digital Learning Coach