Visual and Performing Arts

Andover Public Schools' Visual and Performing Arts Department believes that all students benefit from the process of creating, responding to, and connecting with art in a variety of forms. We are regular witnesses to the impact that art has on the lives of Andover students and the broader community. Through collaborative, student-centered, and interdisciplinary approaches, the over thirty faculty members serve students from PreK-12 in the areas of general music, voice/choral arts, orchestra, drama, technical theater, instrumental music, and the visual arts. 

Yet, this work is not in isolation. Partner groups within and outside the district support this work in a variety of ways. The arts are an integral part of the core curriculum in Andover and a key to approach to literacy, history, and STEM programs. 

We see art education, whether it is in music, visual arts, dance, media, or theater, as preparing young people with the creative, cognitive, and relational skills to be world-ready citizens.  Through the arts, young people can foster means of expression to develop voice and agency in this ever-evolving world. 

The Visual and Performing Arts Department thanks you for your ongoing support. We welcome any questions, feedback, or inquiries that you may have about our programs.


Sean Walsh
PreK-12 Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator
Andover Public Schools