2019 MCAS Report

Andover Public Schools Meets or Exceeds Targets in 2019 MCAS Results

High Plain Elementary and South Elementary honored as Schools of Recognition

Andover, Mass (Sept 24, 2019). – The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released 2019 MCAS results today, with school and district accountability and assistance levels. As a district, Andover Public Schools is classified as meeting or exceeding targets, the highest classification a district can receive.

DESE has named High Plain Elementary as a School of Recognition for high growth and exceeding targets. South Elementary is also recognized by DESE as a School of Recognition for high achievement. High Plain and South Elementary are two of only 67 schools statewide to receive these honors. In 2018, West Elementary School was honored as a School of Recognition.

“Building on the progress from last year’s scores, our students’ 2019 MCAS results are extraordinary,” notes APS Superintendent Sheldon Berman, Ed D. “Elementary students in all categories are showing major gains in reading. Through investments in our core reading program, as well as strategic interventions and diagnostics for struggling readers, we have seen great return on our investment.”

Individual schools within the District were all classified as “not requiring assistance or intervention”; many of our schools performed very well in terms of student achievement and/or exceeded targets across many indicators.

“Our educators have really embraced the investment the district has made in professional development opportunities and literacy curriculum,” adds Sandra Trach, assistant superintendent for Teaching and Learning. “We believe these valuable programs have had a direct benefit to our core reading programs.”

Andover High School has shown great improvement in the state’s accountability system classification. In its second year, the accountability system looks at additional factors beyond test results, including graduation rates, attendance, advanced coursework and chronic absenteeism. Andover High School rose overall from a 67% target in 2018 to 84% in 2019. Additionally, chronic absenteeism at the high school improved drastically, earning a full score (4/4) in 2019.

This is the first year DESE has implemented next-generation ELA and Math testing for grade 10 students. The achievement levels for Andover High School students exceeded targets in MCAS English language arts (ELA) and Math testing, and met targets in science. Grade 10 science testing remains the legacy MCAS test.

Parents should receive their child’s scores from the school district in October, 2019. When reviewing students’ scores, students, parents and educators should keep in mind that:

  • In general, the standards for Meeting Expectations are more rigorous than the standards for reaching the Proficient level on the legacy MCAS.
  • Next-generation MCAS scores should not be compared to legacy MCAS scores.
  • Detailed information can be found on DESE’s website.

Presentation to the School Committee on October 10, 2019.