Coaches Handbook


Athletics is a vital component of high school life for many students. Its effects stretch beyond the students to the families, staff, district, and community. Andover High School (AHS) takes immense pride in the athletic efforts and accomplishments of its student body.

The coaches who direct the athletic activities and who interact most closely with the student-athletes play a key role in shaping our student-athletes and, by association, the culture of our school. The coaches’ actions, decisions and leadership styles help to determine whether the athletic program has a positive or negative impact, whether it bolsters or undermines the district’s mission, and whether it enhances or hinders a student’s growth.

If coaches are held collectively in high esteem, it’s because they have earned it by consistently meeting high standards of personal and professional conduct. Every coach recognizes the importance of teamwork. Teamwork is the ability of each team member to perform key individual functions while teammates simultaneously carry out their own assigned tasks. An effective team is vital to all members of the team attaining their highest levels of growth and success. Teamwork is essential, and teaching this ideal is an important aspect of athletics at Andover High School.

Coaches play an important role in each student-athlete’s development. Coaches, parents/guardians, students, teachers, and administrators all work together as part of the district team—teaching, endorsing, commending, reflecting, and modeling the traits embodied in Andover Public Schools’ theory of action.

Coaches Handbook- as approved by School Committee December 13, 2018.