English Language Arts and Literacy in Grade 5

In 5th grade, your child will read widely and deeply from a range of high-quality, increasingly challenging fiction and nonfiction from diverse cultures and time periods. Building knowledge about subjects through research projects and responding analytically to literary and informational sources will be key to your child’s continuing success. Your child will write stories or essays that are several paragraphs long. By devoting significant time and effort to producing numerous written pieces over short and extended timeframes throughout the year, he or she also will gain control over many conventions of grammar, usage, and punctuation as well as learn ways to make himself or herself understood.

A Sample of What Your Child Will Be Working on in Fifth Grade

  • Summarizing the key details of stories, dramas, poems, and nonfiction materials, including their themes or main ideas.
  • Identifying and judging evidence that supports particular ideas in an author’s argument to change a reader’s point of view.
  • Integrating information from several print and digital sources to answer questions and solve problems.
  • Writing opinions that offer reasoned arguments and provide facts and examples that are logically grouped to support the writer’s point of view.
  • Writing stories that unfold naturally and developing the plot with dialogue, description, and effective pacing of the action.
  • Coming to classroom discussions prepared, then engaging fully and thoughtfully with others (e.g., contributing accurate, relevant information; elaborating on the remarks of others; synthesizing ideas.)
  • Reporting on a topic or presenting an opinion with his or her own words, a logical sequence of ideas, sufficient facts and details, and formal English when appropriate.
  • Expanding, combining, and reducing sentences to improve meaning, interest, and style of writing.
  • Building knowledge of academic words with an emphasis on those that signal a contrast in ideas or logical relationships, such as on the other hand, similarly, and therefore.