Andover High School Building Committee


The Andover High School Facility Study Committee was formed in January 2017. The Committee’s goals are to explore options for addressing the overcrowding, aging building systems, and limitations in programming capabilities at AHS. The Committee originally was tasked with looking at solutions which did not involve funding from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). However, because of the potential costs involved, the Committee also is now examining options that do involve MSBA funding.

Andover High School

Since its formation, the Committee has reviewed prior facility and enrollment studies; selected an architectural firm (HMFH Architects) to develop a preliminary feasibility study; refined the goals for the project; worked with a demographer to project future enrollment at AHS; worked with HMFH to develop a wide range of options and cost estimates; and conducted more than 40 public and community meetings.

The ultimate decision on whether to go forward with improvements at AHS and, if so, what those improvements will be, is up to the residents of Andover. Any solution will require approval of the community at Town Meeting and likely at the ballot box. To gauge what type of project the community might support, the Committee is seeking feedback from all in the Andover community on seven potential options which range from doing nothing to building a new school.

On October 2, 2018, the Committee held a public forum at which it presented background information on the conditions at AHS and the goals to be pursued; the options being considered, including what they accomplish and don’t accomplish, their associated costs and timelines, and their potential impacts on taxpayers; and, asked for feedback from the attendees on which options they could support. The presentation used that forum can be found at AHSFSC-Community-Presentation-FINAL. A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning the project can be found at AHS-Facilities-FAQ .

The Committee will continue to hold public forums to discuss the project and seek feedback from the community. Anyone wishing to submit feedback please email .