7+H Schedule

In 2016, the School Committee voted to approve a change in the Andover High School schedule from a 4x4 semester schedule to a 7+H block schedule. 7+H was implemented in 2017-18 school year.

  • Students take seven courses, with five classes per day- over an 8-day period.
  • H block is broken into H1 and H2-H5.
    • H1 is an advisory period; students meet with the same teacher for all four years at AHS.
    • H2-H5 gives students the opportunity to work with their teachers on course content, areas of concern, and new ideas or interests.
  • Core classes are now taught all school year, with instruction exposing students to more in-depth lesson plans. Year-long courses minimize potential gaps in learning that occurred in the previous schedule, particularly in areas such as world languages and math. The new schedule also gives students more time to connect with teachers, which helps build critical advisory relationships.

Throughout the years, AHS administrators have seen changes in what colleges look for in successful applicants. The 7+H schedule at AHS provides the opportunity for students to participate in a variety of courses and individualized programs that include original research, teamwork and effective communication.

The flexibility of 7+H allows for a student to receive a deeper level of support, advice and enrichment from teachers and administrators. The year-long course structure strengthens the relationship between students, their teachers and peers in ways they might not have established in the traditional schedule of half-year courses. Students also have advisory time with the same teacher and group of students that furthers the personalized attention they receive and the sense of connection to the school they experience.

I encourage all to review our  AHS 7+H calendar for further information.  


Caitlin Brown

Principal, Andover High School