Math in Focus

Math in Focus - Singapore Math

Andover Public Schools adopted a math curriculum called Math in Focus: Singapore Math in 2014. The adoption is the result of updated and more rigorous academic standards and extensive research in the best practices in math instruction. Math in Focus is used K – 8.

Math in Focus
Singapore Math is used to refer to the mathematics curriculum used in Singapore.  Singapore has consistently scored at the top of the international mathematics comparisons.  Its unique approach to teaching math, which focuses on problem solving, deep understanding and model drawing, has helped Singapore students excel.  Math in Focus is the U.S. edition of Singapore’s most widely used program My Pals.  It teaches the same content as traditional mathematics programs – just in a way that emphasizes math as thinking and multiple representations. 
Singapore Mathematics Framework
One key strategy used in this math series is to present materials developmentally. Students will move from using concrete materials (counters and number cubes) to representations (visuals and pictures), and finally to abstract (numbers and algorithms). Our students will learn model drawing to become better problem solvers. 
Math Strategy
Click on the grade levels to the left to access family-friendly information that relates to the Kindergarten to Grade 5 learning standards from the MA Curriculum Framework for Mathematics that incorporates the Common Core State Standards.