LED Lights

The T5 high bay fixtures in the Andover High School field house and Gymnasium have been replaced with LED High Bay Luminaires. It is projected that this energy conservation project will reduce the associated energy consumption by 89% annually, resulting in approximately $17,000 in electricity savings each year. The National Grid incentive that the project receives is an estimated $26,000 is based on $0.25/kwh saved with the National Grid’s custom savings calculator. Also, National Grid has agreed to provide zero interest On Bill Repayment of 3 years. So, based on electricity savings, that amount would be $51,000. With a project price of $91,755 and assuming incentive of $26,000 then the net due in cash from Andover would be $13,747 that would be recuperated with the energy cut from the lights. Using these numbers and simplifying this, Andover will be saving money in less than four years, and even more importantly, Andover High School will need much less power and therefore be better for our environment.
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