Library Website Evaluation

Grade 5 Website Evaluation Activity

Welcome to the Website Evaluation activity!

You and a partner have been assigned a research question by your Library Teacher. Click on the link below that matches your question and use the Website Evaluation worksheet to decide if you have an accurate website or a hoax site. Good luck!

1. How many Founding Fathers were involved in Constitution Day?

2. How do cats react to men with beards?

3. How many primary source records are there of the 1621 Thanksgiving celebration?

4. What does an AFDB protect you from?

5. What were the Three Kingdoms in Ancient China?

6. Where does the Tree Octopus live?

7. Where is the Republic of Molossia located?

8. What is a Mercator Projection?

9. Why are some chemicals dangerous?

10. What kinds of dogs are Burmese Mountain Dogs?

11. What continent is Morocco located on?

12. What is a Moonwhich?