Excel Program

Excel is a self-contained program for students diagnosed with a developmental delay, intellectual impairment and/or other complex learning needs. Students in the Excel program require specially designed instruction outside the general education setting in order to access a modified curriculum at each student’s access point. Excel student’s benefit from a consistent, structured and nurturing environment.

The program focuses on providing functional academics as well as hands-on learning experiences that empower students to become as independent as possible. Reading skills address materials relevant to every day life. Math activities assist students with money management as well as other basic math skills essential to daily living. The students’ unique learning profiles create the need for highly individualized instruction with materials and methodology that differ from that of the general education classroom curriculum and instruction. Excel provides students opportunities to review and practice taught skills in order to gain and generalize them. In addition, students receive specialized instruction in speech & language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education as identified by the student’s IEP Team. Students in this program may also have goals that focus on organization, independence, self-care, social, and readiness skills. Many of the students in this program participate in the MCAS Alternative Assessment. Although, much of the specialized instruction for these students occur with the program, opportunities for inclusion in general education classes and activities, as well as reverse inclusion opportunities are provided as appropriate and are determined by each student’s IEP Team.

Students have the opportunity to explore their community through travel training (high school level), grocery shopping, and visits to key community resources such as the YMCA and town library.