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All Students

Sign and return these forms* to HOMEROOM on the first day of school for each student.
_____ *Parent Consent for Extracurricular Activities/Fees and Medical Authorization Form (A student may not participate in any After-School Activities, without this signed form and the $100 fee).

_____ PAC Membership/Directory Information: If you don't receive emails from West Middle School PAC, () please Subscribe to the PAC Email List.

_____ PAC DUES (optional): Pay your PAC Dues with the preferred method online - or with check

_____ *Acceptable User Policy and User Agreement Form (student and parent signed)

_____ *Individual Photo, Video, Audio Release Form

_____ *WEB 2.0 Permission Slip

_____ *Family Handbook which is located on-line at the Website and signed by student AND parent the Family Handbook sign-off sheet (Last page of the Handbook).

For Grade 6 ONLY

_____ *Affidavit of Residency (Policy JFA-E). This form needs to be filled out by incoming 6 grade students only.

For Your Information

Emergency forms will be given out on the first day of school, please return as soon as you have filled them out.

All Homeroom assignments will be given out of the first day of school.