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Global Engagement Travel Fund


We believe that all Andover students should have access to international learning experiences that foster critical 21st century skills. The Global Engagement Travel Fund supports students, who lack the financial means, to take advantage of the experiences that Andover Public Schools offers.


The Global Engagement Travel Fund offers financial assistance for school-sponsored international programs to Andover students in good academic standing. Students interested in participating in any school-sponsored international programs are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Fund. The Fund was established in 2010 through private donations and is administered by the Andover Public School’s Business Office and the Andover World Languages Department.

Global Engagement Travel Fund Committee will review all applications. Applicants will be
evaluated primarily on the basis of demonstrated financial need and other factors, including the applicant’s academic record and references. Priority will be given to students with little or no previous international travel. The size and number of awards in any given year may vary, but individual awards will be limited to a maximum of 50% of program costs. 
If you would like help completing the application for Fee Reduction or have any questions, please contact Steve Chinosi,
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