Per-Pupil Expenditures

Per pupil spending in Andover (blue) and state average (orange) are highlighted (thick lines). Considering all years Arlington, Chelmsford, Franklin, Holliston, Natick, North Andover and Winchester have significantly lower average spending, Needham spending is comparable to Andover, and Wellesley and Westwood spending is significantly higher (p<=.05). All districts have a significant trend of budget increases over time; only Wellesley’s per pupil spending is increasing at a greater rate than Andover since 2005. Andover had the fourth highest per pupil spending of the group in 2015.

Per Pupil Spending


Per Pupil Spending by District


Spending on state-defined categories is shown as a portion of 2016 in-district expenditures for Andover, and for the average of our ten comparable districts. Andover spends at or below the median in three categories (*), including pupil services, instructional materials, and administration, and in the highest quartile in five categories (+) of benefits, operations, guidance, other teaching services and professional development.


The state-defined expense categories are listed below.