Library Policies

Borrowing Books
Initially, all students were borrowing one library book per week. After multiple requests, I have begun allowing first and second grade students to borrow two books.

I do request that one of those books be at comfortable reading level or willing to try to read level while the other may be enjoyed as a read aloud or share.

Some students are choosing to borrow just one for now and that is fine.

While reading to your child is absolutely wonderful, your child's triumph of learning to read and continuing to progress are priceless.

Misplacing a Book
Before paying to replace a book, be sure to check everywhere!

We would rather have our processed and cataloged copy than order a new copy. We would also like to save you the expense of purchasing a new book.

Experience has shown that library books sometimes hide in the car door or trunk, in the laundry room, in sports bags or backbacks, under sofa cushions, in the toy chest, and on home bookcases!